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Hello everyone!

My name is Rachel and I am the owner & operator of Rangerroo Pet Sitting Services, LLC. I was born and raised around animals of all kinds, from chickens to chameleons and everything in between. I have always had a deep love for animals, so I surrounded myself with them everywhere that I could. I have worked on a farm, at a vet office, a doggy hotel and I have lots of experience as a pet sitter. I moved to Pennsylvania from New Jersey a few years ago. It has been quite a journey, but I have found a job that I truly enjoy and created my own business to continue doing just that. Rangerroo is not only my business, but it is a dedicated memorial to my two favorite pets that have passed on. I am so excited to meet new people and create relationships with you & your pets for years to come! Thank you for considering Rangerroo to watch over your beloved pets.

In Loving memory of

Ranger & Roo

Through the pet sitters associates

We are insured & bonded 

Please refer to the terms & conditions agreement for further details 

We offer several different types of visits!

All visits can be customized to your wants & needs

Daily Visits

These are the perfect visits for people who may work long hours and need someone to let their pet out during the work day! They are also great for those who are elderly and may not be able to let their pet out or walk them.

Vacation Visits

  • The perfect visits for when you leave your furry friends at home! These are typically done 3 to 4 times a day, depending on your pets needs.

Farm Visits 

  • Special visits for farms with multiple species of animals! We have experience with sheep, chickens, goats, cows & horses (depending on the level of care needed).

15 Minute Visit


These visits are great for quick potty breaks. And of course, some pets & some snacks are included! 

30 Minute Visit


These visits are great for feedings & potty breaks. Maybe even some playtime too! 

45 Minute Visit


These visits are great for households with pets who require special attention or just need more one on one time!

60 Minute Visit 


These visits are great for the pets who need to burn off some energy or maybe they just need extra snuggles! 

Rangerroo covers several areas of York County, but focuses heavily on Dover & West York. Please refer to the highlighted area of this map to see if you are in a covered area. Email us with any further questions.

Hours of operation

Rangerroo is available 7 days a week, but any visits outside the frame of Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm will include additional fees. The earliest appointment we have available is 8am & the latest is 9pm. Please refer to the terms & conditions agreement for further details. 

Sunday - Monday, 8am to 9pm 

How to book a visit

Please take a look at the terms & conditions before emailing us to ensure that Rangerroo is the right fit for you & your pets! 

  • Send us an email at:


    Please include:

    • What type of visits you are interested in;

    • The dates or days of the week that you are looking for;

    • The time of the day for each visit that you need;

    • How long you want your visits to be;

    • How many pets you have; and

    • Where you are located.

  • Rangerroo will respond to all emails within one to two business days. 

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